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with the next-generation of artificial-intelligent hardware

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Meet hyplex

revolutionary spectral imaging
when you see a problem, hyplexsees the solution


higher resolution

miniaturized footprint

real-time data processing

independently assessed

CVPR review

“The joint design of hardware and software for hyperspectral imaging is very innovative, the results are impressive


“it moves towards a more practical way of implementing tailored multispectral cameras for specific tasks. The results are quite compelling, enable a significant increase in accuracy


“This system uses nanoscale components inversely designed through AI to get rid of bulky optics. It demonstrates its superiority in spectral reconstruction and semantic segmentation”

Hyplex™ gives you time Speed customization miniaturization high-resolution

Highest customization

Hyplex™ technology offers the highest possible degree of customization

Whether your problem requires remote analysis, large-scale deployment, miniaturization, lightweight footprint, or high-resolution, Hyplex™ satisfies your requirements


Hyplex™ is the only technology available that can truly acquire and process real-time data at 30 fps for a seamless experience

Any speed you need, Hyplex™ offers it

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Should you need more details, our team is happy to deep dive into your problem

Hyplex™ in the field

Remote and large scale assets monitoring

meet the team

Prof. Andrea Fratalocchi, CEO

20 years of R&D experience. Over 200 Publications, including patents and books. Fellow IOP & OSA. Guinness World Record for darkest material ever created

Arturo Burguete Lopez, COO

Expert in electronics. Falling walls finalist at 24

Qizhou Wang

Expert in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Innovation and entrepreneurship Award at 19

Maxim Makarenko, CTO

Expert in machine learning and computational physics. Winner Russian mathematics school and student Olympics

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